Carmichael & Co has specialised in insolvency (liquidations, administrations, bankruptcies & voluntary arrangements) for a long time. As a small firm with offices in Manchester and Hythe we understand how other small businesses work, with all the worries that entails.

Call us on 0330 223 0915 (Monday to Friday 10-6) or 0330 223 0965 (other times) for help

Our main office is at Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW

We know that a web site with loads of pictures, perhaps some animation, and almost certainly bright colours makes you want to buy something. We've put a few here as the designer insisted, but Carmichael & Co are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners - we are not looking to sell you anything. You don't look up information about insolvency because your business is doing well, or you can afford to buy everything you could possibly wish for. You have looked at this site either because your company is in financial trouble, you can't afford to pay your bills or you want information about a case we are dealing with. Flashing images, diverting videos or brightly coloured tables confirming what you already knew might take your mind off things, but they won't help you in the long run. The ethics rules we work by also mean we cannot offer you a 'buy one get one free' offer on liquidations!

We promise that we will listen to you, then talk using normal words not jargon and try not to be too miserable or downbeat about things. There is no charge for the first call (or calls, or meetings), and you will always talk with someone experienced in insolvency. We work late in the evening, and occasionally at weekends but we do not work 24 hours a day. We think it is better for you to wait a few hours to talk with someone who can answer your questions than to deal with someone in the middle of the night who drew the short straw in a call centre.

If you can't pay your credit cards, have a bailiff at the door, want to save your business or just close it in the most appropriate way we can help you and are at the end of a telephone to give you initial free advice.

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