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Insolvency (Bankruptcy or Individual Voluntary Arrangements for people, Liquidation; Administration or Company Voluntary Arrangements for companies) is still very rare. Most of us will manage to go through life without coming into contact with it, so when we talk to you we will normally assume that you know nothing about it. Most of us, though, are worried about looking like idiots even when there is no reason to know about the subject.  Reading web pages and leaflets are a good way to get a basic idea.

Information is available from many different places, some very formal and some far more informal. What they all have in common is that they can not answer all your questions. The leaflets we have written try to cover the usual questions we are asked. What we hope is that you can see that anything you do not understand about a voluntary arrangement (for instance) has also been asked by someone else. We know that you probably feel you are sinking, but by reading these leaflets you should understand enough to feel confident enough to talk to us, or solve your problems without talking to us!

When you phone us there is no exam, we will not ask if you have read the leaflets about company insolvency or personal insolvency, but you will have an idea of what we will talk about whilst we find the solution to your problems.  We have found that most of the scariness is from not knowing what will happen, so this may be what you need to start on the track to dealing with your financial problems.

These are the leaflets; questionnaires and guides Carmichael & Co has prepared.

If your company has a problem

If you have a problem

If you want us to work out if you have a problem, please download a questionnaire and have a chat with us.

Ones that don’t seem to fit anywhere else

The Insolvency Service has also prepared a lot (though they are more formal), and are currently rewriting most of them.  You can download the latest versions from their website

R3, has also prepared some guides, you can either download them from their website or use these copies

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