Old Contact Details

Everyone moves and changes telephone or fax numbers, Carmichael & Co is no different. Our Manchester Insolvency practice started one end of town a couple of yards from Salford, moved to the other end by the National Express station, and are now in the centre of town virtually opposite the Arndale Shopping Centre. In Kent we started in Sandgate with a view of the sea (but no mobile phone reception), then moved 3 miles down the road to Hythe where we can make mobile phone calls but no longer see the sea.

It is annoying when you see several different addresses for a company since web directories are not updated – we find it difficult when we need to look up addresses for debtors and creditors so assume you agree with us.

It is even more annoying if you want to contact a firm you trusted when you spoke to them years ago to get more advice, or your friend has recommended you speak to Carmichael & Co as we helped them, and you do not know if we are the same firm or another one with a similar name (there is a firm of Insolvency Practitioners in Scotland with a similar name to us though we are not linked to them).

We also changed our telephone numbers so that you can call us within your phone’s ‘free’ minutes so you might have had problems searching for us through our old phone numbers.

Our current contact details are on the right hand side of this page, but this is where we used to be before we moved.

We update the information on the website quite regularly, but hopefully we will not need to update this page for a long time!

Manchester One
53 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3LF

Portland Tower
53 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3LF

City Wharf
New Bailey Street, Manchester, M3 5ER

Ford Campbell Business Centre
New Bailey Street, Manchester, M3 5ER

93 Sandgate High Street
Sandgate, Kent, CT20 3BY

Until 29 June 2015 our telephone numbers were:

Manchester   0845 644 3114

Kent         0845 652 6999

Out of Hours   0845 652 4357

Fax           0845 644 3117

The direct numbers (0161 883 0480 and 01303 647 480) haven’t changed.

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